Lilli, dog of the Yukon

Lilly off Road

Lily, dog of the YUKON. Hiking in the mountains in her cart.

Hi Laurie,

Remember Lilli? I just want to check in with you and let you know that Lilli (now 14) is well and has been using the cart for 1 1/2 years now. We are very pleased with it. It has literally been a life saver. We adjusted the cart by putting other wheels on it - we found wheels of a dolley - and even those had to be replaced after Lilli put 800 km (500 mi) on them. We walk ,bike and ski with her. In the pictures you see her challenging a snowmobile to race her. Guess who's winning? Lilli's all "dressed up" because it's darn cold, we put a sweater and ski pants on her when it's -30.  Best to you all and thanks for all your good work for disabled animals!  I just passed your site to a friend who may contact you re: a disabled Dachshund. Fay