Your Manual really helped us.

Hi Laurie,
I received your manual, “Caring For A Disabled Pet”.  This is an excellent book filled with an abundance of advice and tips for anyone with a disabled pet. It is very easy to understand and anyone with a pet, disabled or not, should have this manual on hand.   In my estimation this manual is under priced.  I have not come across anything like it, and I am always on the lookout for books on health & caring for pets.
I am so disappointed that my veterinarian has not enlightened me on the advice you give in your manual.  For instance I was not told that it if the bladder is not fully expressed that it can cause permanent bladder & kidney damage. 
Thank you Laurie for this manual.  You may use this letter as a reference, as I am one happy customer!
Doris Sparrow
Rancho Cordova, CA