“Caring for a Disabled Pet”

written by Laurie Miller, LVT

25 years of clinical experience working in a Veterinary surgical specialty practice have gone into preparing this manual.

It covers in detail, everything you will need to know to take care of and assist in the recovery of your recently disabled pet.

Taken from my experience as a technician in a surgical specialty practice as well as my own experience with my first two disabled dogs, Penny and Mary.

There is no other “instruction” manual out there to help owners, so I decided it was time for one!  It took a year to write and rewrite (with the help of my three board certified surgeon bosses) to get it completely accurate.  It is used in our Surgical practice as a handout to our clients with recently disabled pets.

This manual includes detailed information about caring for a disabled pet, including expressing a bladder, treating pressure sores and UTIs.  It has a complete section covering at-home physical therapy exercises owners can do to help their pets recover.

Every owner of a newly disabled pet needs this manual.  It takes the confusion and guesswork out of caring for their pet!

Our self help manual is available for purchase on our “Ordering” page for $28.95 plus shipping.

Water Therapy is fun and really helps speed recovery

“Dash” doing his water therapy

Dash doing water therapy in kiddie pool

Making a homemade Dachshund sling.

Homemade sling for Doxies