1) IF YOU ARE READY TO ORDER A CART, FIRST go to our MEASUREMENT CHART PAGE AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR MEASURING YOUR PET. FILL IN THE FORM AND SUBMIT. This form has a space to include details about your pet’s condition. Please fill in as much as you can, we like details.
**Give as many details as you can about your pet’s current condition and ability to walk (or not walk). Include when the injury or disc rupture occurred and whether or not your pet has had surgery to correct the problem. I also like to know if your pet has improved since the incident occurred and what signs you are seeing of improvement. It also helps me to know the breed and age of your pet.

**IT IS ALSO VERY HELPFUL FOR ME IF YOU CAN ALSO EMAIL ME A PHOTO OR TWO OF YOUR PET AT DOGSTOGO19@AOL.COM.  THIS ALLOWS ME TO CONFIRM YOUR MEASUREMENTS. (Placing your measuring tape or ruler in the photo will really help me confirm your numbers.)

2) Once we receive that form, we will email you back to confirm receipt. At that time, we may ask more questions about your pet if needed.
I will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning your pet.

(If you have more info than will fit on the information form or need to talk to me personally, please email me (Dogstogo19@aol.com) so we can discuss your concerns.) This is to be sure we are connected and that the cart is going to be appropriate for your pet. I believe in treating each pet as an individual and I really like to know a complete history before you order. So, expect a follow up email from me once you submit your info!

When I have all the information along with your pets measurements (which you will take using our measurement chart), we will proceed with your cart build. I will give your cart order to Larry to begin. It generally takes him about 2-3 days to complete the cart and I mail them out as soon as he is finished.

3) When we have the measurements and all the info we need, we will send you back to our site for PAYMENT. You will be asked to go to our ORDERING PAGE to complete your order.

BEFORE YOU MAKE THE PAYMENT FOR YOUR CART!  We ask that you please be sure you have submitted your measurements via  MEASUREMENT CHART FORM. 

 If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me by email (Dogstogo19@aol.com

We process all of our credit/debit card transactions through paypal.  You do not need to have an existing paypal account in order to use this service.  It is a very safe and easy process for making your payment.

All carts go out USPS unless you wish to arrange Fed Ex or UPS shipment.  I will gladly get a quote for you on these services, but be warned they are usually very expensive!  (All fees for these optional shipment services must be paid up front before the cart is shipped.)

If you need help with paying by setting up payments, please let me know when you contact me (before ordering) so I can discuss the options with you.  Also if you are ordering for a rescue, shelter or veterinarian’s office, please let me know before ordering also.  We offer a discount to rescues and veterinary staff and our payment process is slightly different.

We require payment before we ship.  All overseas and Canadian orders must use our paypal service.

**If you need help with financing, you must let me know before we build.  I can help you set up a payment schedule but I need to know before we proceed with the cart. 




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