(walking or full suspension):

Extra Small (10 lb. and less) $75.00
Small (11 lb. to 20 lb.)       $82.00
Medium (21 lb. to 30 lb.) $85.00
Large (31 lb. to 50 lb.)     $90.00

(Your pet’s weight is the main factor in determining the diameter of the PVC pipe we use to build the cart.  So, be sure that the weight you give when ordering is accurate.)

Sorry, but do not  make carts for pets over 50 lbs. (except in very special circumstances, so be sure to ask) or for pets who need four wheel support.  These larger pets need a different design that will stand up to the stresses of their weight.  If you have one of these pets, we recommend that you contact one of the metal cart manufacturers for your cart.  (Be sure to talk to them about their used cart programs.)      

*You can also check EBay for good used carts.  Often you can find metal carts at a lesser price there.

Our carts are guaranteed for life.  They seldom break, as PVC is very durable, but if they do, we repair or replace for only cost of shipping.  It is recommended that you send your cart back to us approximately once a year for refurbishing.  We replace all wraps, wheels and padding for no charge except shipping.  This will insure that your pet always has a cart that looks and acts like brand new!


EX SMALL:  $13.50 Standard            $18.50 Priority         $32.00 Overseas and Canada

SMALL:        $16.00 Standard           $22.00 Priority         $35.00 Overseas and Canada

MEDIUM:    $24.00 Standard           $28.00 Priority          $45.00 Overseas and Canada

LARGE:        $26.00 Standard           $35.00 Priority          $55.00 Overseas and Canada

(Note: if shipping to Australia, add $10.00 to overseas prices shown above.)

We ship USPS ( U.S. Postal Service).  Depending on where you live, STANDARD (Parcel Post) takes 5-8 business days and PRIORITY takes 3-5 business days.

* PLEASE NOTE: Overseas and Canadian orders can take up to 2 1/2 weeks to arrive once we mail them.  Customs can hold packages for inspection.  Unfortunately we have no control over that part of the journey, it is a random system of inspections.  So, always plan for at least two and one half weeks for delivery.

We can ship FED EX or UPS upon request, but we have to get a quote for you once the cart is built and we package and weigh it.  Generally, these prices are at least double our USPS prices, sometimes more, depending on speed of delivery and destination.

(If your company has its own UPS or FED EX account number, we will be happy to use that for shipping.)