What Do Our Customers Have To Say About Our Products?

June 25, 2014
Ms Laurie
Today again something new, Bud returned to his pre-injury normal crouch to defecate. This is first time he did not have to crawl to have a BM. We have started the exercises, but have not got the hang of it yet. And we have purchased a pool to start the water therapy. Bud’s attitude is so much different now. He is like the old Bud and it is so refreshing to see him lay down on the carpet without any hesitation, and no longer see him stand for long periods of time in one spot. He is returning slowly to a playful mood with our other child Ms Molly who is a long-hair toy. Your encouragement has kept us in this battle and I shutter to think of the times I was so close to giving up and putting Bud down–just couldn’t stand to see him suffer which I realize now was to a large part the medication. But some say I am a slow learner. However again many thanks

July 8, 2014
Bud is doing amazingly good. Every few days something new that he was doing before his injury. He is wagging his tail now. His walking is vastly improve, his potty time is now on schedule with no expressing the bladder. He has full control and is as regular as clockwork.
Last night he challenged me to play. He in the past has done that…backing off from me and first growling at me and then a distinct bark. I am suppose to jump at him and then he runs off like mad down the hall and back into the Living room at least 4 or five times. I was somewhat restrained though not knowing if he is ready for such intense playing.
But that was a first and it was like Bud just couldn’t help himself—he was ready to have fun.
And yesterday for the first time he used his left leg to scratch behind his left ear.

Judy and I were talking last night—we shudder to think we almost put him down and would likely have had it not been for your encouragement .
The certified surgeon had told us Bud had a less that 10% chance of recovery because his injury was so significant. But your words kept ringing in our ears—“Bud will walk again.” THANKS AGAIN.

BUD, The Dachshund given a 10% chance of walking again by his surgeon!

Dear Larry & Laurie,

We can not express our gratitude enough for your kindness in working with us to help our son’s beloved pet. After losing one of my own dogs to this horrible problem, it devastated me to hear of little Freckles coming down with the same issue. I knew my son would never give up on her and I am thankful that he did not. Freckles is happier than ever to be out and running around again. She always had a love for being outdoors and she loved chasing the squirrels up a tree. Freckles is a very happy dog again and the smile on my son’s face is worth it all. Thank you for putting a smile on all of our faces once again. The cart is working out fantastic!

Much love,

Lisa, Brandon and Freckles
San Antonio, Texas

One Happy Dachshund!

One Happy Dachshund!


Quincy Full Supsension

Quincy ready to go!

Thought I would give you an update. I took Quincy to his vet today to check his blood from being on the Rimadyl to make sure he was ok. All results are fine and he is in perfect health. The vet was impressed with the cart….says it fits him perfectly… and said it was an ingenious design. She said, with his excellent health, the only bad part is his legs and that was the best thing that I could have done for him.I was afraid she might tell me that I should have consulted with her first. In fact, she told me, anything I could do to try to help him was the best move and she certainly would not interfere with me trying to help my dog. Quincy was the hit of the office and several people commented on the cart and there were even some kids there that were all inquisitive.

Leaving, there is a gradual slope from teh building to the parking lot…he flew down to the car and got all excited. Probably the closest sensation he has had to running in months.

So…hopefully….I may write you back one day needing replacement wheels because he has worn the rubber out! I was pleased with the visit today.

Thanks again for you guys sharing your talent and designs with me and Quincy.


Quincy loves his wheels

Lilly off Road

Lily, dog of the YUKON. Hiking in the mountains in her cart.

Hi Laurie,

Remember Lilli? I just want to check in with you and let you know that Lilli (now 14) is well and has been using the cart for 1 1/2 years now. We are very pleased with it. It has literally been a life saver. We adjusted the cart by putting other wheels on it - we found wheels of a dolley - and even those had to be replaced after Lilli put 800 km (500 mi) on them. We walk ,bike and ski with her. In the pictures you see her challenging a snowmobile to race her. Guess who's winning? Lilli's all "dressed up" because it's darn cold, we put a sweater and ski pants on her when it's -30.  Best to you all and thanks for all your good work for disabled animals!  I just passed your site to a friend who may contact you re: a disabled Dachshund. Fay

Lilli, dog of the Yukon

Hi Laurie,
I received your manual, “Caring For A Disabled Pet”.  This is an excellent book filled with an abundance of advice and tips for anyone with a disabled pet. It is very easy to understand and anyone with a pet, disabled or not, should have this manual on hand.   In my estimation this manual is under priced.  I have not come across anything like it, and I am always on the lookout for books on health & caring for pets.
I am so disappointed that my veterinarian has not enlightened me on the advice you give in your manual.  For instance I was not told that it if the bladder is not fully expressed that it can cause permanent bladder & kidney damage. 
Thank you Laurie for this manual.  You may use this letter as a reference, as I am one happy customer!
Doris Sparrow
Rancho Cordova, CA
Your Manual really helped us.

September 29, 2010

Hi Laurie,

Just a line to say hi and give you an update on Raggs and Bitzie. Raggs is now 9 and a half years old and Bitzie is 4 and a half. Raggs has been in the cart for most of his adult life, suffering his injury at the age of 3 and a half. We are getting ready to take a trip to the Gulf. My wish for Raggs is to be able to run on the beach with Bitzie. I will send you photos. Am revamping Raggs cart. We are going to adorn it with little American Flags. That boy loves his cart now. I hve a bell hanging on it as well so I know where he is at all times. Here on the farm he can basically run around the immediate area free. You are doing a great job with your site. I’m sure it is just the thing for folks to learn that keeping a handicap pet isn’t really hard with knowledgeable support.



Raggs and his companion and guardian, Bitzie! Two country dogs out for a walk.

Raggs and his companion and guardian, Bitzie!
Two country dogs out for a walk.



Sierra on her nightly 1/2 mile walk.

Sierra on her nightly 1/2 mile walk.

Laurie,You are seriously the best!! You have helped me deal with all of this way more than you realize! Please give my love and hugs to your babies! And an extra special thank you to Penny. 🙂

Here is Sierra’s story:

Big dogs can walk in carts too!
Sierra is a 15 year old, 45 lb Labrador Retriever. We noticed her back legs getting weaker, and one day she woke up and couldn’t use them at all. It was a very sad and scary day for everyone.

We were referred to the Dogs to Go website by a previous customer that had a cart built for their dog. Laurie helped us through every step from pre-ordering questions and measuring to offering suggestions for Sierra to get used to the new wheels behind her.

I want to encourage and give hope to other big dog owners. This product can give you and your dog back freedom in mobility. It might take a little bit of time for your dog to get used to the feel of the car and balancing. But with patience and practice every day, they can get the hang of it. We found that using a harness with a leash rather than a collar around the neck helped Sierra feel more confident in the cart.

Sierra started out walking in the driveway, and then she wanted to walk farther every day. Who would htink a 15 year old Lab would be walking a 1/2 mile a day, in a cart! Sierra has proven it is possible and she enjoys it! Going out for our nightly walks is my favorite part of the day. I think Sierra’s favorite time too! She WANTS to get in the cart, and knows when we put her booties and harness on it is time to go.

Thank you Laurie, Larry and Penny too, for offering your product. Having a cart built for Sierra was the best thing we could have done!

Sierra, a senior with lots of living to do!

Hi Laurie-

I wanted to let you know that the day after I wrote you the email saying we were going to put Pacey down, your cart showed up. We had made an appointment to take Pacey in, but we thought we would try out the cart to see. I guess at that point we thought it wouldn’t hurt. Happily, I can tell you that we are not going to put Pacey down, but keep the cart for her. I apologize to be so erratic in emails, we just really thought there wasn’t any hope for=2 0Pacey. She wasn’t do anything and had almost given up it seemed. The cart has given her her freedom back. She’s like a new dog… her attitude has completely changed. Who knew that a simple cart could do that? So I put a check in the mail today for the cart. I am sorry it took so long to decide what we are doing here. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done. You are the nicest people and I wish you lots of success. Its people like you who give the rest of us the hope and encouragement we need to make it through tough times. I can’t say it enough…..THANK YOU!

Thanks again for everything-

Stephanie Blankenship

Dear Laurie,
Just wanted you to know that Gizmo LOVES his new cart. He adjusted to it immediately. He is like a different dog. He was so depressed before, and now he is full of life again. When you see him rolling on his cart, you would never believe he was 13 yrs. old.
Thank you, again, for offering this cart for a price we could afford. I am afraid we would have lost Gizmo, if something wasn’t done soon. He doesn’t have any other ailments, but he had given up on life.
I will be putting your check in the mail on Monday and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone else with the same problem.
Take care and God Bless,

Sue Crossan

Hi Laurie,
I wanted to let you know how wonderful your cart is.

We are having a blizzard right now and were not sure how Riley was going to be able to go outside in this. They haven’t started to plow yet. We are expecting up to 15″ of this white stuff. The enclosed pictures are proof that no matter what the weather, it works!

Riley is having a ball running through the snow like he always did. Thank you for giving him back his happiness.