Quincy loves his wheels

Quincy Full Supsension

Quincy ready to go!

Thought I would give you an update. I took Quincy to his vet today to check his blood from being on the Rimadyl to make sure he was ok. All results are fine and he is in perfect health.┬áThe vet was impressed with the cart….says it fits him perfectly… and said it was an ingenious design. She said, with his excellent health, the only bad part is his legs and that was the best thing that I could have done for him.I was afraid she might tell me that I should have consulted with her first. In fact, she told me, anything I could do to try to help him was the best move and she certainly would not interfere with me trying to help my dog. Quincy was the hit of the office and several people commented on the cart and there were even some kids there that were all inquisitive.

Leaving, there is a gradual slope from teh building to the parking lot…he flew down to the car and got all excited. Probably the closest sensation he has had to running in months.

So…hopefully….I may write you back one day needing replacement wheels because he has worn the rubber out! I was pleased with the visit today.

Thanks again for you guys sharing your talent and designs with me and Quincy.