Lizzie’s Rehab

Lizzie came to us in February after having disc surgery in early December.  Her rupture was quite severe.  By the time we saw Lizzie, she had lost most of the muscle in her hindquarters and was unable to move her rear legs.  She was the worst case scenario for a post surgical doxie.  Given poor odds of ever walking again and at 8 weeks post op, still not walking!

Lizzie’s owner graciously allowed me to take Lizzie in and I worked with her in my home.  I used all the same exercise techniques described in our manual.

Lizzie wants everyone to know that it is possible to help their dogs recover with at home exercises and lots of hard work.  So, don’t be discouraged if you feel you cannot afford rehab at a veterinary facility.  You can do this! 

Amazing to see her progress and how well she healed with the help of rehab exercises. Her cart also played a key role in helping her regain her ability to walk by giving her exercise to improve strength and coordination. YOU CAN SEE THE SAME RESULTS!