Duke is a dog we rehabbed by consulting with his owner and teaching him how to do the rehab at home.
He had surgery on his back for a ruptured disc and post operatively, he was weak and could not stand without assistance. He could not walk unless his owner used a sling.
We taught Duke’s owner to do the rehab at home and every day, he followed our plan and in 12 weeks, Duke was once again up and walking as you can see from the videos.

Our cart played an important role in the recovery process. We started Duke off in a full suspension model until he began moving his legs again. At that time, we converted our cart to walking and put his feet back on the ground so he could walk with the support he still needed. At 10 weeks, Duke was walking very well, using his cart less and less and at 12 weeks, he did not need the cart for support any longer.

You can do this too! We can help you. MANY dogs who are not expected to walk again DO with the help of physical therapy and time. Duke is living proof!



Duke-I’m outta here!