Sierra, a senior with lots of living to do!

Sierra on her nightly 1/2 mile walk.

Sierra on her nightly 1/2 mile walk.

Laurie,You are seriously the best!! You have helped me deal with all of this way more than you realize! Please give my love and hugs to your babies! And an extra special thank you to Penny. 🙂

Here is Sierra’s story:

Big dogs can walk in carts too!
Sierra is a 15 year old, 45 lb Labrador Retriever. We noticed her back legs getting weaker, and one day she woke up and couldn’t use them at all. It was a very sad and scary day for everyone.

We were referred to the Dogs to Go website by a previous customer that had a cart built for their dog. Laurie helped us through every step from pre-ordering questions and measuring to offering suggestions for Sierra to get used to the new wheels behind her.

I want to encourage and give hope to other big dog owners. This product can give you and your dog back freedom in mobility. It might take a little bit of time for your dog to get used to the feel of the car and balancing. But with patience and practice every day, they can get the hang of it. We found that using a harness with a leash rather than a collar around the neck helped Sierra feel more confident in the cart.

Sierra started out walking in the driveway, and then she wanted to walk farther every day. Who would htink a 15 year old Lab would be walking a 1/2 mile a day, in a cart! Sierra has proven it is possible and she enjoys it! Going out for our nightly walks is my favorite part of the day. I think Sierra’s favorite time too! She WANTS to get in the cart, and knows when we put her booties and harness on it is time to go.

Thank you Laurie, Larry and Penny too, for offering your product. Having a cart built for Sierra was the best thing we could have done!