BUD, The Dachshund given a 10% chance of walking again by his surgeon!

June 25, 2014
Ms Laurie
Today again something new, Bud returned to his pre-injury normal crouch to defecate. This is first time he did not have to crawl to have a BM. We have started the exercises, but have not got the hang of it yet. And we have purchased a pool to start the water therapy. Bud’s attitude is so much different now. He is like the old Bud and it is so refreshing to see him lay down on the carpet without any hesitation, and no longer see him stand for long periods of time in one spot. He is returning slowly to a playful mood with our other child Ms Molly who is a long-hair toy. Your encouragement has kept us in this battle and I shutter to think of the times I was so close to giving up and putting Bud down–just couldn’t stand to see him suffer which I realize now was to a large part the medication. But some say I am a slow learner. However again many thanks

July 8, 2014
Bud is doing amazingly good. Every few days something new that he was doing before his injury. He is wagging his tail now. His walking is vastly improve, his potty time is now on schedule with no expressing the bladder. He has full control and is as regular as clockwork.
Last night he challenged me to play. He in the past has done that…backing off from me and first growling at me and then a distinct bark. I am suppose to jump at him and then he runs off like mad down the hall and back into the Living room at least 4 or five times. I was somewhat restrained though not knowing if he is ready for such intense playing.
But that was a first and it was like Bud just couldn’t help himself—he was ready to have fun.
And yesterday for the first time he used his left leg to scratch behind his left ear.

Judy and I were talking last night—we shudder to think we almost put him down and would likely have had it not been for your encouragement .
The certified surgeon had told us Bud had a less that 10% chance of recovery because his injury was so significant. But your words kept ringing in our ears—“Bud will walk again.” THANKS AGAIN.